Monday, March 1, 2010

my grandparents


Deuxstepper said...

Your grandfather, Stanley, was my father's half brother. I am so sorry you never met Stanley....he was such a wonderful man and Birge (what we all called your grandmother) was equally magnificent. This is a photo of them I've never seen........brings back many wonderful memories.

Stanley's family was extremely creative. He had a sister, Lucy, who was quite an artist. Unfortunately she died age 19, so she never realized her full potential. My sibs and I have some of her artwork and it is astonishing how accomplished she was at such a young age. Lucy's brothers (4 in all, counting your grandfather) were all involved in the arts. Eugene and my father, Ted, were musicians and artists. Bob was also a musician and probably would have been an artist as well, but he lost his eyesight at a young age.

Long story short, I've been looking at your photographs and it's so nice to see that you're carrying on the family tradition of creating marvelous art of your own. I hope to see much more in the future!

Peter Graham said...

wow..please email This is the coolest thing that's ever happened on this blog!