Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crown Royal Ads

Seems like there's a lot of liquor commercials on TV lately. They all seem to have the same Frank Sinatra meets 007 top of the world vibe...which is a pretty great fantasy...especially these days. These Crown Royal ads with the down home feel not only stand out but are actually really well done. I wonder if they did some kind of market research and determed that Crown Royal drinkers are in general broker than Ciroq and Grey Goose consumers and would relate? Or maybe it's vice versa and they're selling people a romantic notion of the other side of life. Blue collar cool or big baller cool? It's nice to be given some lifestyle options when choosing how to get intoxicated. haha.



LA Times Article: "The Absolut Vodka commercials that aired in Los Angeles and 14 other cities during Sunday night's Grammy Awards marked the first time in years that liquor ads ran in prime time on network-owned stations. As the recession takes its toll on firms that rely on advertising, TV stations aren't the only companies running ads once considered inappropriate. In recent months, the NBA rescinded a ban on courtside advertising by liquor companies. Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. did the same for ads they run on their websites. Billboard operators have allowed more strip clubs to hawk their establishments on roadside signs."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Grandma's famous chicken

My grandma used to make chicken and potatoes for me, my brother and our two cousins.  It was always a real treat.  One day I gave it a try and what do you came out alright. Had friends over to enjoy my version of Grandma Rita's chicken last night.  Good times!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008